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transmission van on the ground.Traditional aerial specialization▓ often uses rocker cameras and sky shots from helicopters. This restricts shooting angles ▓and areas, however, deficiencies that the flying cat can easily address.Chen Haiyang, supervisor of Nat▓ional Day Flying Cat System

, sid, "The Flying Cat can make u▓p for the effects that traditional cameras can not achieve. It not only shoots spe▓ctacular scenery, but also adds details and close-ups as ▓well."The Flying Cat employs four aerial ropeways. Two ▓are guidi

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ng ropes and two are pulling ropes. A driving system and a controlling system are located on the ground.Ge Rui, Team lea▓der of Flying

Cat Operation Team, said, "The Flying▓ Cat is conducted by two operators. One we call the p▓ilot, who is responsible f

or operating the machine. Anothe▓r is the camera person, who conducts the shooting.▓"One Flying Cat system has been installed at the Beijing Ho▓tel. It will help present the military parade ▓and pageant along Chang'an Avenue durin

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